Resources and information

Have a dog with canine distemper? Here’s some info, depending on what’s going on. Do you have a diagnosis? As Dr. Sears says, “Unless you identify your original problem – diagnosis – if you don’t have diagnosis you haven’t got anything.”  HERE’S SOME ADVICE ON RECOGNIZING THE EARLY STAGES OF THE DISEASE,BUT YOU NEED A VETContinue reading “Resources and information”

Treatment of Neurologic Distemper

This medical protocol covers neurologic forms of distemper which include chorea, seizures, progressive paralysis, blindness. This medical protocol pertains to dogs of all ages who ARE infected with the neurologic forms of distemper. Presence of antidistemper antibodies in the CSF is totally diagnostic of this problem. The neurological symptoms may appear in some dogs asContinue reading “Treatment of Neurologic Distemper”

Report on effectiveness of NDV treatments

Statistics compiled by Kind Hearts In Action between December 2008 and February 2016. NOTE: To clarify a couple of issues that have been raised, I’d like to make two points: 1) At no time do we call this a scientific study. This is just a report of numbers I have collected over the years. IContinue reading “Report on effectiveness of NDV treatments”