The sad but hopeful legacy of Ginger

This is a sad story, but like many distemper stories, it ends with an enormous dose of hope. When Pawel Hardej’s puppy Ginger came down with distemper last month, he went looking for a way to save her and he found the Wag Out Loud podcast on distemper. That led him to this page andContinue reading “The sad but hopeful legacy of Ginger”

Shelter dog in Turkey saved from distemper

Received this email from Turkey this morning, along with the accompanying video: Hello, My name is Hatice Degirmenci and I am writing to you from Izmir, Turkey. I am a shelter volunteer and a rescue worker in a small town outside of Izmir. Last summer, a young couple brought in a puppy that they foundContinue reading “Shelter dog in Turkey saved from distemper”