Mamas saved from distemper

From Liam McEvoy, Nov. 23, 2021

“Firstly, thank you so much for all of the information on your website. We truly believe that the NDV serum saved our dog. My name is Liam, I live in LA and our adopted dog Mamas (border collie mix) was diagnosed with distemper on 10/08/21. We had a PCR and blood test done to confirm this (i’ve attached them below). She had a fever, goopy eye, cracked nose, and cough etc. She was given the NDV serum before she developed neurological symptoms and over the course of a month she seems to have made a full recovery … “

Liam had questions about Mamas’s recovery, and in our correspondence, he explained that after adoption from a rescue, Mamas’ condition had gone downhill. That’s when the rescue stepped it and took over her care and got her treated with NDV serum, he said.

He still had worries about Mamas’ long-term prognosis, that perhaps Mamas could develop neurological symptoms later on. Some of the points I made:

1) Distemper is a nasty disease that does not play fair and it does not always progress as we would normally predict. We should be grateful that your dog has gotten through it and appears healthy and problem free. 
2) vaccines sometimes fail. If a dog’s immune system is not working as strong as it needs to, it may not create the immunity needed. This may because the dog is too young or has a condition like mange that might block immunity. Also, I think in very, very rare cases it may be that there could be a bad batch of vaccine somehow. But that chance is very low. 
3) a dog may already have been exposed to distemper before vaccination. That happened to us 3 times back in the 90s. We rescued 3 dogs from the streets (separate occasions) in each case, the first thing we did was take the dog to the vet for shots. But we were too late. 2 puppies died in neuro stage distemper, but we saved the 3rd dog with NDV serum from Dr. sears. Btw, that dog lived for nine years with no more problems from distemper. 
4) yes, there is still an ongoing confusion for vets in identifying the difference between antibody tests from vaccine induced and hot “street” forms of distemper.
Bottom line, I am grateful that your dog was treated before neuro stage hit, and there is a very good chance that your dog will have a good life with few or even no problems. I can’t give a 100 percent guarantee because that is not possible in medicine, but the outlook is good. 

I also encouraged him to read through all the stories we have shared on the website. It’s useful to know what others have gone through and comforting when you know you are not alone in this battle.

So, thanks for sharing your story Liam. May it help someone else have hope!

— Ed Bond

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