The sad but hopeful legacy of Ginger

This is a sad story, but like many distemper stories, it ends with an enormous dose of hope.

When Pawel Hardej’s puppy Ginger came down with distemper last month, he went looking for a way to save her and he found the Wag Out Loud podcast on distemper. That led him to this page and to a vet in Houston and to Austin Pets Alive who tried their best to save Ginger’s life. Ginger didn’t make it, but her story may help save countless other dogs.

Throughout the struggle, Pawel was reading “Save Dogs From Distemper: The ‘Impossible’ Cure of Dr. Alson Sears” and learned about the problems of documenting the effectiveness of distemper treatments. That inspired Pawel to take action. He’s launched a fundraiser for Austin Pets Alive, and his plan is to work with them and other vets to document the outcomes of distemper dogs treated with NDV. This could lead to the acceptance that we have all worked for.

Please support his fundraiser. Donate if you can. Or just share and spread the word to any dog-loving friends.

Here’s the link:


Excerpt from the fundraiser:

“Our beloved puppy Ginger fought hard against Canine Distemper but ultimately passed on Jan, 16th 2022. She was a special pup who brought so much love into the lives of those around her. Her story doesn’t end here, instead it has inspired us to join APA in the fight against distemper. Ginger would be honored to know that her story helped other pups win the battle against this tragic disease. “Your donation will directly support APA, who takes care of those most vulnerable to this disease. The treatment of dogs with distemper can get expensive, with many medications and procedures required to give these pups the best chance at survival. Every passing day counts, as the earlier the treatment is started the better the prognosis. Thank you in advance for supporting us during such a difficult time. Your donation goes beyond supporting this cause, it will help our family see the light at the end of the tunnel and have hope for the future.”

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