Respiratory phase

The respiratory phase – coughing, sneezing, gunky nose, fever, etc. – is typically the early stage of distemper. Diagnosis and treatment in this stage is crucial because after six days of symptoms, the difficult and dangerous neurological stage of the disease begins.

If the neurological stage has not begun, the two options to consider are either:

• The NDV-induced serum, which must be made using a donor dog.
• The IV-injection of the straight NDV, which is a faster option than making the serum, but not quite as successful as the NDV serum.

Make sure to read the FAQ and the Report on NDV Effectiveness to get an idea about what is and is not possible with these treatments. Distemper is a difficult disease to beat, and not every dog can be saved. But more are saved when their owners and vets are willing to give them a chance to live.

These treatments are meant to be used by veterinarians. If you are a vet who has used these or your vet has used these treatments, please let us know the outcome of these cases. We are trying to keep track of outcomes as we push for getting full scientific studies conducted.

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