Here are some of the conclusions in the book, now that this part of the adventure has ended:

“I offer a prediction. If his NDV-serum treatment for dogs in the pre-neurologic stage of canine distemper could be put to the test by approved scientific methods, they would dramatically outperform the survival rates of traditional veterinary medicine. The result would be faster recoveries, fewer cases reaching the neurologic stage, a decrease in long-term symptoms and more distemper dogs surviving.

“Unfortunately, neither Dr. Sears nor myself have the means to test this hypothesis. He is a retired veterinary clinician who did not get the guidance he needed to present this properly during his career, and I am just an average guy with a computer. You may also learn something about the challenges the veterinary community must overcome to defeat this disease. The first challenge is to realize that distemper has not been defeated….

“… It is now time for ‘Save Dogs From Distemper III,’ a concerted effort to test the contending treatments that are now emerging to determine which offers the best benefits and chance of survival for distemper dogs. The message has to get out that distemper does not have to be a death sentence. That’s a fact many are now realizing, but Dr. Alson Sears knew decades ahead of anyone else …

“…Clarifying where we are:
• The NDV spinal tap MIGHT have a benefit in some cases, depending on the type of neurologic problems present. However, the main investigator on this procedure is doubtful.
• The NDV serum or NDV as IV treatment before the onset of neurologic problems MIGHT save the lives of these dogs, but it would take a very large study to establish that and eliminate all the factors. A university researcher has reportedly taken a closer look at the NDV serum but has said nothing publicly and it is unknown whether anything will come of that.
• Despite the development of a distemper vaccine in 1950, dogs continue to get sick and die of distemper. So more work remains to be done

Then, I explain in detail how the cause of saving dogs from distemper could be advanced through a new generation of activists who could pick up where I left off. My hope is by giving an honest account of the successes, the failures, the pitfalls and obstacles in the book, others will be better prepared to take this effort across the finish line. So, to help that effort, I have decided that half of the proceeds from the sales of the book will be set aside to support research into the use of NDV to treat dogs with canine distemper.

So, please go check out the book on Amazon. It is available in print as an eBook.

– Ed Bond

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