Further information and resources

Kind Hearts In Action website

Kind Hearts In Action YouTube Channel

Save Dogs From Distemper Facebook page

Save Distemper Dogs on Twitter

Archive of Ed Bond’s distemper discussion board

Ed Bond’s original website from May 2000

Resources at Maddie’s Fund:

Everything shelters need to know about canine distemper

• Video transcript

Treating Canine Distemper

Austin Pets Alive email is inquiries@americanpetsalive.org

Here’s another Facebook group to try.

Dr. Rubén Lopez Hidalgo, a veterinarian in Puebla, Mexico, has developed a method of freeze-drying the NDV serum to make it easier to store and ship. He has been working on further developments with the treatments. More info here.

Or you can email Ed Bond at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com

Dr. Alson Sears

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I'm the project director on canine distemper for Kind Hearts In Action.

4 thoughts on “Further information and resources

  1. Hi there, we are in Austin and fighting now trying to save a rescued puppy from worst distemper outcome . Is there a vet in Austin TX area that provides any of the therapies you discussed in your book? I came across a podcast at wegoutloud.com and like many I am shocked and also impressed by your work. Please help us! I will be back to you soon with other ideas. Thanks

    1. I might suggest you connect with Austin Pets Alive. They have used NDV in the past even though they are also doubtful about its benefits. They also can’t treat a dog that does not belong to them, but they can give advice and info. A big piece of advice from them: if the dog keeps eating, there is hope. (And there are strategies to keep them eating in the links on these pages.)
      You can contact them at inquiries@americanpetsalive.org
      I’m glad you found this page. Make sure to go through all the information here to get an understanding of what is and is not possible with these treatments. If you need further information, please email me at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

      1. An FYI for everyone. I don’t usually post contact info for vets online. If you need a referral to a vet and you live in — for example — Texas, Virginia, India, Eastern Europe, Mexico or the Philippines, please email me [ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com] and I will see if there is a vet near you on my lists.

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