” …we have a way to treat distemper.”

Al then explained his procedure, the NDV injection, the serum withdrawal, the subcutaneous injection, the dramatic recovery. Ott took this in and paced back and forth on the stage for about a minute and a half. Al expected to maybe get at least a pat on the back. Instead, he stopped pacing and turned to face him.

“Son, that’s impossible. Sit down.”

Al fell back into his seat, shattered and dejected. At the end of the lecture, he got up to leave. As he exited the room, his colleague from Palmdale caught up with him at the door. “Jesus, Sears,” he said. “Where did you come up with that?”

The god of virology had shot him down. For the more than 3-hour drive home, “I was so mad I was spitting nails,” Al says …

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