It works

… “What is amazing is – look at the amount of material you’re talking about. You’ve got a 10-pound dog. You’re giving it a CC of this material, which is nothing.”

He points to a can of Coca-Cola on the table from lunch. “A CC of Coca-Cola wouldn’t even wet your whistle. And that is enough to set off whatever the immune stuff that’s in this stuff to get into the dog and trigger all the cells that are necessary to kill the virus intracellularly.”

He leans in for emphasis, pausing dramatically.

“Now, I say that to people that have medical training and they say ‘Oh come on. That’s not possible.’ There it is.” He swings his head back at the slide.“

You’re looking at it. It does. It works …

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I'm the project director on canine distemper for Kind Hearts In Action.

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