After 12 years as an activist and 9 years since I began working on the manuscript, “Save Dogs From Distemper: The ‘Impossible’ Cure of Dr. Alson Sears” is now available through Amazon and Kindle direct publishing.

This is a story of hope for owners of distemper dogs that explains what I have learned about canine distemper and why I believe many more distemper dogs can be saved.

I’m Ed Bond, an ordinary guy with a computer in Horseheads, New York. I’m not a veterinarian, a scientist or any kind of medical professional. For about 25 years, I had been in journalism, as either reporter, editor or journalism professor. That career ended more than 10 years ago after the news industry collapsed and changed.

Here’s how I got involved in canine distemper:

The book is based on interviews of and notes from Dr. Sears, who discovered how to use Newcastle’s Disease Vaccine to save dogs from canine distemper, plus hundreds of conversations and emails I gathered from vets, veterinary professionals, scientists, dog owners, rescuers and advocates as I ran a world-wide campaign to promote these treatments and spread a message of hope.

It also explains all the obstacles Dr. Sears and I ran into — and still run into — as we sought to gain acceptance from the veterinary community. But it also explains a few possible paths forward so that a new generation can finish the battle against this disease.

My hope is that the book will give readers a clearer understanding of this disease and learn why dogs do not need to die from canine distemper.

— Ed Bond

Have a sick dog? Here’s a link to info and resources.

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I'm the project director on canine distemper for Kind Hearts In Action.

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