A death sentence until this

… All seven puppies in that first group improved by the next morning.

“Pretty cool,” said Dr. Melton. However, one of those first seven did die of a respiratory infection a few weeks later.

“Distemper was a death sentence until this to me because I had seen these other little puppies suffer,” Dr. Melton said. “They suffer very badly, and die. Your hands are pretty much tied. You see them come in, and you give them this vaccine and then the next day they’re kinda like, ‘Ok, I’m fine.’ They’re not 100 percent, but they look a lot better the next day. They eat and drink and everything. Even a couple of them were really, really bad and we gave them this vaccine. The next day they’re eating.”

The clinic still had their work cut out for them. Another 19 puppies and dogs came in over the next month …

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