About Save Dogs From Canine Distemper

Save Dogs From Canine Distemper is a project run by Kind Hearts in Action, a dog rescue and placement public charity based in Los Angeles, that raises funds to support the treatment of dogs with canine distemper and research into the disease. We support treatments for canine distemper based on the Newcastle Disease Vaccine as discovered by Dr. Al Sears. We need your donations to make Dr. Sears’ serum, pay for treatments and the costs of research.

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The original Save Dogs From Canine Distemper Web site was begun by Ed Bond, whose dog, Galen, was saved from canine distemper by Dr. Sears in 1997.


Here are the photos from India of Muttu, who was saved by Dr. Sears’ serum. Received Jan. 27, 2010.


Here are the photos, video and story from the Dominican Republic, posted Jan. 23, 2010.


Here are the photos and story from El Paso, Texas, posted Dec. 15, 2009

Max battles distemper

November 2009: Max had to fight both distemper and pneumonia. He was able to beat the distemper thanks to the spinal tap treatment discovered by Dr. Al Sears and used by a vet in Austin, Texas. It has taken him longer to beat the pneumonia, but he seems to be turning the corner. The music is Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and “Keep the Faith” by Margaret Owens.

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10 01 2010

Looks like your a good daddy for getting him treated instead of just putting him down.

12 04 2011

my dog is going for the same but just distemper i dont know what to do vetss tel me to put her down..

12 04 2011

Please e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com and tell me where you are, how old your dog is, what symptoms you have seen and whether you have seen seizures.

8 09 2011
Cody Hill

I recently adopted a chocolate lab puppy. In the last few days, 2 of her siblings have been put down because of distemper. My Charley is almost 10 weeks old, has been eating and drinking very well, and acting about as normal as the other puppies I have raised in my life did. However, she does sort of have a dry cough that seems like she is attempting to cough something up, and she has been relatively lethargic. I’ve seen that both of these are symptoms for distemper. I contacted the people through the adoption center I used, and I took her to a vet last night. The vet prescribed her an antibiotic as well as a cough supressant and didn’t really discuss many other options with me. The other vet I contacted told me there was no real test for distemper and that all they could do would be to give her some IV fluids and see how they work. Now, I’m just completely confused and don’t know what to do for my puppy. She’s an absolute sweetheart, and I am certainly willing to do what I need to do to ensure she makes it through this. I just need some advice. I’ve never experienced this before, and I would like to think that I can rely on these doctor’s opinions. However, upon some research, I’m learning that maybe something can be done for her. I am concerned that waiting will end up leading to her death, and I will be overcome with guilt for not getting her the help she needs. Afterall, she can’t get herself the help; only I can.

If anyone has any advice/recommendations, please contact me directly as soon as possible: codyleehill@gmail.com

Thank you

8 09 2011

Advice on diagnosing distemper can be found here:
But the idea is that you should NOT wait on diagnosis. You will be better off if you pursue this as a distemper case and act quickly. The treatments for distemper that we endorse can work, but they work best in the early stages of the disease. if it gets beyond the 6th day of symptoms, the disease can go neurologic and at 10 weeks old it will be too late to treat.
This puppy needs the NDV serum treatment, and I need to know where you are. I will be e-mailing you directly.
The serum is explained here:
Ed Bond

13 01 2012

I m from Dehradun,India.My vet recognised Symptoms of Cannine Distemper in my dog and he say that there is no treatment for that
what should I do.His Head treamors every time and one his leg also tremours sometime his full body tremours.what should i do reply quickly its related to one life.

13 01 2012

There are vets in India using these treatments. I will send you the info via e-mail. If you do not get it, e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

8 09 2011
Cody Hill

I live in Austin, Texas. I scheduled an appointment in a couple hours with an Emergency Pet Clinic. What should I have them do for her? I am a college student, working part-time to pay rent and pay for my puppy. I have some money, but I am worried am not going to be able to afford all of the treatment and procedures you’re recommending. I will spend everything I have to get her well, but I just thought I should be upfront and tell you from the beginning that it is not exactly a healthy budget.

24 09 2011
Janie Ellington

I have a puppy with distemper. This is long, but I wanted to give all details in case someone has suggestions.

This puppy was born 6-11-11 to a Siberian Husky that was dumped out in
the country where we live in 110-degree weather. She was scared by her
ordeal and unapproachable. When I was finally able (she was out there
for at least 1 week) to lure her into a kennel with food we discovered
that she was pregnant. She was not emaciated but very hungry and
exhausted. She slept nonstop for one week and our vet, who saw her the
very next morning after I caught her, verified that she was pregnant.
She had an uneventful pregnancy and delivery and we kept her indoors
and kept her very well nourished and cool. We also kept the
temperature controlled for the puppies and they were raised indoors.
It was only when the weather started to cool that we started putting
them to bed in an outside kennel. They were all given ice packs to
sleep on and they used them.

The pups have all been very very active. The pup that is now sick
began to kind of show signs of becoming the runt at about 2-1/2 to 3
weeks. We started to feed kibble about that time and he devoured it
voraciously. With so many dogs to take care of, we could not afford
the best food. They got Purina Puppy Chow. He always hoarded the food
and chased the others away with a growl. He began to catch up in
growth and is now taller than the other pups.

They had their first puppy shots at 7-1/2 weeks (did not include
distemper) and their second round with distemper at 9-1/2 weeks. The
vaccine was not Recombitek and it was from Pfizer.

We also took a stool sample into the vet the day they got their second
shots because they had all had on-and-off diarrhea. We had not
realized that they were eating some milkweed from the yard and I don’t
know how much they had. The food also seemed to be suspect so I began
feeding them boiled chicken, boiled hamburger, white rice, and yogurt
with active culture along with a little squash and/or pumpkin. The
diarrhea resolved.

During the time of the bouts of diarrhea, the pup that is now sick
(Chester) had a day of vomiting. I could not get him to the vet that
day. By the next day, it had resolved.

About the age of 10 weeks, he began to seem withdrawn and a little
lethargic. It was nothing I could put my finger on. He had a fever of
103.1 that night, but a normal fever the next day. The vet said not to
worry about it.

Around the first week of September (about 11 or 12 weeks old) he began
yelping as if in pain. This would happen mostly when he was sleeping.
He would wake himself up with a yelp. We thought one of the other dogs
had possibly jumped on him too hard. We assumed an injury. On 9-13-11,
the vet palpated down his spine and said that because there was a
flinch at a certain point, that was where the injury was located.
(Another vet has since done the same test, calling the flinch a
necessary and normal finding kind of like the reflex test for humans
where the doc bumps the knee with a hammer). He also had eye discharge
that day and his nose was very dry looking. It has never cracked and
it looks very good now except for an occasional very very slight
discharge from one nostril–almost imperceptible. He was started on
doxycycline 100mg daily.

The yelping got worse and he began to cry some while awake.On 9/15/11,
we went to a new vet because he was crying so much and it was after
hours and she would see us on an emergency basis. She did a very
thorough physical exam, palpating everywhere to get a pain response.
The only response was in both hind legs. She suspected hypertrophic
osteodystrophy. She also x-rayed but the x-ray was not conclusive. She
did not know about the muscle twitch. At that time I had only noticed
it once. I tried to mention it but got interrupted and didn’t remember
to do it again. She sent us home with a prednisone taper and tramadol
for pain.

The crying and whining continued but I thought maybe the tramadol was
helping some. On 9/18/11 I saw her again and told her about the
twitching. She suspected distemper and has done a PCR test. I should
get the results of that Monday or Tuesday. She says it will be
conclusive. I have read that the bladder swab is the only reliable
test. It is evidently too late in the game for that.

The crying got so bad and so constant that I asked for something
stronger. I was given a few butorphanol tablets from the vet’s stock
and they tried to call in a prescription for it but it is not
available in tablet form. We finally got a compounded cream with
Lipoderm with the butorphanol in it. I rub it into his ear.

The response to the pain medication, even using the butorphanol plus
the tramadol is very inconsistent. I know some of the cries are
homesickness since we are having to live apart from my husband and
Chester’s sibs and our other dogs, but some seemed unmistakeable
moaning and groaning like there was extreme pain. The last couples of
days there have begun to be longer bouts of no crying at all, even
without any pain medicine—5 or 6 hours– but then it usually starts
again. Sometimes it sounds like a frustrated cry. The twitching has
spread to at least one other leg and seems to also come from a spot on
his chest. I am considering discontinuing the pain medication for that

I have also given him Pepcid 10mg at least once daily because of fear
of tummy irritation with the doxy, the pred, and the pain meds.

The vet here has suggested that he might be having seizures but I
never see any signs of it.

If he has distemper, he must have a mild case of it. He has slightly
lined and dry, but not hard, foot pads. The eye discharge is no more
than what any dog would have. The nose discharge is almost
nonexistent. His nose looks dark and fairly moist–no cracking. He has
never lost his appetite or interest in things around him and treats,
although I ordered a special low-proten, low-fat food (PureVita) to
help with HOD. He’s not crazy about it and hasn’t eaten it with much
enthusiasm. He looks very good. He still sleeps a lot and stays on
his bed.

I found a website (greatdanelady.com) with info about HOD. She
suggests a low-protein and low-calorie and a lot of supplements. I am following her recommendations.

I may have forgotten some details, but it would be saintly to expect
anyone to take the time to read all this anyway. If you do, I’d be
grateful for feedback.

24 09 2011

I read your story. It is possible that this pup experienced a very mild form of the initial stage of distemper, and now is in the neuro stage. Dr. Sears told me about when he was in practice he would see dogs who as puppies had very mild cold-like symptoms, not even enough to bring into the vet. But then later on — sometimes years later — would break out with neurologic stage of distemper. This is not to say that we can conclude right now that this is distemper, but if it is distemper it is the latter, neurologic form. The treatment is the NDV spinal tap, and you should read about — and watch the video — on this page: http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/archives/88. You should explore the rest of the Kind Hearts In Action website to get an idea of the possibilities and the limits of the treatments. You should especially read our FAQ. http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/archives/41. That is our main website.

It is possible that it is not distemper, and I say that because I usually don’t hear about this kind of crying and moaning you’ve described. But the thing is, distemper attacks different dogs in different ways. If you need further help, please e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. If you need a vet to perform the spinal tap, there is one in Austin. Let me know if you need the contact into. I don’t post that on the Web.

Ed Bond

24 09 2011
Janie Ellington

Ed- I have read that Dr. Sear’s treatment is only effective during the first few days of illness. This puppy has had the muscle twitching for abut 2 weeks.

24 09 2011
Janie Ellington

Ed- I also meant to ask if the later relapses pose a danger to other, older, vaccinated dogs. Are they contagious?

30 11 2011
melissa jones

what can i do for my puppy he was born on aug 23 and has disstemper the vet says i cant do anything that he will die he didnt say how long it would take im very poor but i love my puppy so much ill do anything i can to help him please tell me what can i do?

30 11 2011

Please e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com and read our main website at http://kindheartsinaction.com/ Make sure to tell me where you are and what symptoms you have seen and whether there have been neuro problems yet.

30 11 2011

Melissa- This is a heartbreak disease. It is very expensive to treat with the experimental treatment and it is not guaranteed to work. You can talk to White Angel Animal Clinic in Austin or the Westheimer Clinic in Houston. Probably this is the pup’s only hope.

I am going through it with the second one now. I found out about the treatment too late for the first and the second has had it but the lab work indicates that it probably won’t work for him.

It is a heartbreak any way you go.

25 03 2012
Abril Aguirre

Hello, I rescued a mixed 5 or 6month old dog who 3 days ago started to show neurological damage. (muscle twitching on left front limb and weakness) my vet has only prescribed b-complex, ketorolaco and multi.vitamins. I really want to save this puppy, is there any chance for her to live with this treatment?, I live in chihuahua mexico, please I really need to do something now.

25 03 2012

I will send you some info that I hope will help. If you do not get it, check your spam filter or e-mail me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

27 03 2012
Janie Ellington

So very sorry you and your doggie are going through this. I have been through it two puppies. Unfortunately, this disease usually wins. A few survive with the best supportive care but I will tell you that it drags on and on and on and they are never really out of danger. I kept both of my puppies alive for about 45 days. It took its toll on my health and finances and then I had to give in and euthanize. You never know whether you are doing the right thing by giving up. You just have to trust that you make the best decision you can. I tried the spinal tap and the IV treatment (Newcastle serum) that is being given in Austin or Houston here in the US. I spent around $2500.00 total plus travel expenses. It didn’t work for us, but it does for some. Amitriptylline helps immensely with preventing seizures. I also had to use breathing treatments with Amikacin for pneumonia and that worked but it is horribly expensive and the neurological involvement just worsened. Mine both developed lock jaw and when that happens it is very difficult to feed them.

There are no hard-fast answers to this horrible disease. Good luck and God bless you for loving your pup.

27 03 2012
abril aguirre

I’m so sorry you lost your pets, I share your sorrow, I had to euthanize my ¨milka¨ this morning, it was terribly painful to do it, but it also was watching her deteriorate and being in pain. she had all the symptoms your puppies showed and it’s frustrating that the treatment doesnt aminorate their pain. I hope I wont ever have to go through this again. I still have to stay aware of my two older dogs who were always in contact with my puppy and make sure this virus doesnt get into them. thanks for your words and God bless you too.

31 03 2012
Jacqueline Scheets

We have been in the midst of a CPS adoption for almost 2 yrs. Finally got the ok to make the 1& 2 yr old brother & sister ours. Our older children 20 & 24 got to have their own pup & we wanted the younger ones to have the same chance. We came across an liter of heelers. They chose the red male w/ the curly tail. His name is Opie. He was born 1/15/12, nearly 3 mths old. They gave 1st 5way vax. We have had him since 3/10/12, 3 wks now. So smart!!! On afternoon of 3/28/12, he found his way to a cactus. Pulled quills from lip & ears. All fine, that eve. He started coughing. Like a gag. We took him to the vet 3/29 at 10:30am thinking there was a quill in his throat. The vet said prob. Distemper…. Gave him clavamox pills & tussonex cough pills. He said it’s rare for pups this young but not unheard of. He has a tiny bit of green in his eyes only. Hard breathing now, & low appitite & thirst. We were told of the bad to come & are contemplating letting him go to sleep. We live outside Abilene Tx. Have a great pyrennesse & 3 chihuahuas… That are fully vaccinated. The treatment you talk about sounds like an incredible chance. Do the nuerological problems & the chance of
re-infection even if vaccinated, carry on into later life (if it is a successful treatment?)
thank you for listening. If we had not brought him home he would have been shot. Due to accidental breeding. He is & has been a great addition to our family. We are greatful for having a great 3 mths. together.

31 03 2012

I’ll send you some info via e-mail from ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. If you don’t get it, check your spam filter or e-mail me directly at that address. Our main website is at http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/

31 03 2012
Janie Ellington

It always breaks my heart all over again to hear of yet another pup with this horrible disease. There is no wrong answer. Let your heart be your guide. The Austin/Houston treatment is very expensive and there are no guarantees. If caught early, it sometimes saves them but they can always develop problems later. I have been through it twice and it was very hard on me and my husband and the pups who were sick. I had to live apart from our other dogs because this is so contagious. We ultimately euthanized both of them after struggling for 1-1/2 months because they developed lock-jaw (only the second one to get sick got the treatment from Austin).-=-We also live outside of Abilene. Call me if you want to talk to me. I’ll answer any question about the treatment that you think will help. 432-557-8785

31 03 2012
Janie Ellington

I forgot to say that I go to bed at 9pm so please no late calls.Sue

5 04 2012
Gabrielle Pacheco

My almost 8 month old Shih Tzu has distemper. He does not eat, even drink. I force feed him but he does not bite/swallow it. Whenever I use syringe for water with dextrose powder, at start, he drink it, then he does not. He is really thin now. His vet prescribed him Polynerve, Chloramphenicol, Afaxin 25,000 and Ascorbic Acid. The doctor said he is in the neurological stage already. My dog body twitches all the time even though he is sleeping. He was diagnosed with Canine Distemper March 22, 2012, the doctor called me saying that my dog has Distemper, the dog of mine, Jitter, was really confined because of him having runny nose, but turned out 2-3 days after, he has distemper already. What should I do?

5 04 2012

You need to contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. I need to know where you are so I can see if there is a vet near you who can help. Our main website is at http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/
I’ll send you some general info in the meantime.
Ed Bond

9 04 2012

My puppy was diagnoised with distemper today. He is eating very little but is not breathing well at all. He has lost a pound in the past 5 days. I really want to save hin life what can I do! I would really appreciate the help.

10 04 2012

You need to contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. I need to know where you are so I can see if there is a vet near you who can help. Our main website is at http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/
I’ve sent you some general info in the meantime.
Ed Bond

22 04 2012
Joni james

Need info!!!! Have 6 month old with distemper.

22 04 2012

Joni, I need info from you. Where are you and whether your dog is having neuro trouble or not. You need to contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

10 05 2012
Kayla McCoy

i just got a puppy about 2 weeks ago and ii took him to the vet he said he was almost positive he had distemper he had the fever of 103.7 his nose has ran since I got him. I thought maybe it was just allergies. But all he does now is sleep he wont eat wont drink this is the 4th day with nothing in his system we have been trying to get liquids in him by sarenge. I just dont know what to do he’s only about 10 weeks old and I have tried everything. They gave me an antibiotic but read up that at the early of a stage that he’s pretty much done for. the worse part is i dont make much money to help. My last vet visit was $120 and that took everything i had. is there anything else I can do or is it best just to put him down?

10 05 2012

You need to contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. I need to know where you are so I can see if there is a vet near you who can help. Our main website is at http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/
I’ll sent you some general info in the meantime.
Ed Bond

14 05 2012

My dog bambi has distemper. she was diagnosed last month. She is about 6months old terrier mix. I was stopping at a stop sign one rainy day and saw her running up to my car so i didnt want to drive off until she was in my view and out of the road so i opened the door and she jumped in my lap. She road around with me in my car and was with me every second of everyday and still is. But Now i stay at home and take care of her. Ive had her for about 3months. she wont eat food. I Feed her wheatgrass, goji berry, and goldenseal root through a syringe. i Feed her oatmeal with cinnamon and honey when she can take it. I also Feed her boiled chicken shrredded with thyme, cayenne pepper, garlic,oreagon, and add greek yogurt in it. i also give her pedialite and water though a syringe. I dont have much money anymore after all the vet visits that werent very helpful. Please help me. I promised bambi that i would always take care of her and i feel so helpless right Now.

15 05 2012

I live in houston, tx.

15 05 2012

I’ll send you info right away.

15 05 2012

If you don’t hear from me, contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

3 06 2012

It’s been 1 month since my puppy got distemper. First, she had this runny nose, but when the runny nose got healed in 3rd week, the virus attacked her stomach and skin. Now, she can barely open her eyes, has a bloody pup, swollen mouth, and hard paw. She keeps loosing her appetite. I don’t know what to do anymore. She can survive more than 4weeks, but her condition is just getting worse, I don’t know what should I do now.. I don’t want to put her down, but I don’t know if my decision just torture her…please help..

3 06 2012

You need to write to me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com. I need to know where you are so I can see if there is a vet near you who can help. Our main website is at http://www.kindheartsinaction.com/
I’ll sent you some general info in the meantime.
Ed Bond

30 07 2012
Denny Gunawan

I have a little pomeranian puppy that I adopted from a breeder in Indonesia, Jakarta. She was 3 month years old when i bring her home. Not quite long i have her in my house, around 1 month, suddenly in the morning I found she was lying on her cage showing like she was sick. I was really surprised and gave her any emergency treatment that i could give. After 1.5 hour i found there were no improvement from the treatment, i took her to the vet. The vet did distemper test and parvo test using a test pack. The result was very positive for the distemper and slightly for parvo.
I was really confused when i knew this. I heard that there was no cure for this kind of disease except the dog have to fight the virus by herself.
And now she was put in to dog hospital, join together with other dogs that had same symptom, distemper. The vet put infuse into her leg, and periodically injected her with some medicine and vitamin.
This is the 2nd day she had in that vet hospital.
I’m writing this email, hoping that may be someone here could give me any solution about this problem.


11 08 2012

Where can i get this treatment in sabah malaysia..

11 08 2012

I will send you information via e-mail. If you do not get it, contact me directly at ed.bond.new.york@gmail.com.

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